winning powerball ticket in maryland

Minnesota Man Claims 1 Million Powerball Prize A Minnesota man claimed a 1 million Powerball prize from the March 18 drawing.
Quick Pick Ticket Wins 50,000 in Minnesota A quick pick ticket sold in Minnesota won 50,000 in the April 15 Powerball drawing.
After telling his wife, they recorded the evening news that ran a short story about the winning ticket and math contest online the winning numbers."That night, my mom told me she windows installer cleanup utility free download had the numbers and asked if I wanted to check my tickets said Simmons.Munsell, a full-time instructor at the CT Fire Academy, matched four numbers and the Powerball."I had to look at the ticket over and over and over and over he said.In early 2009, Powerball changed their format from the 5/55 1/42 number field (which had been in play since 2005 adding numbers to the main set and removing some from the powerball number set becoming a 5/591/39 game.Marlene also purchased the Power Play add-on game, which doubled her winnings."We don't play much, we'll play Powerball once it gets high said Zagaroli.Though he's only been a big Powerball winner for a few days, Young already has plans for his winnings and advice for those still trying for a big prize.Wednesdays and Saturdays on wbal-TV.He started playing Powerball a few months ago after visiting at&t premier iphone discount a local store in Falmouth.Justice's son John Justice.Wanczyk is the fourth Powerball jackpot winner in Massachusetts since the Mass.While Garrison doesn't buy Powerball tickets on a regular basis, he plays the same set of numbers."For all of the times we've said: 'We wish we could but didn't have the money, now we can Doyle said.Over time, people have come and gone from the pool, but six people remained: Patricia., Roland., Gamaliel., James., Pam.Power Play Option Pays Off for South Dakota Winner Melvin Lee Young has been playing Powerball since the game began in South Dakota.
The 37-year-old checked the numbers and thought she won 100, then checked them again and saw her prize was 100,000.