win two free airline tickets

If the person goes on to complete all the steps, they are then redirected to a page which reads: Thank you for attending the survey.
By, greg Hounslow, august 5, 2016 4 comments, a Facebook-based ticket scam using WestJets name has recently surfaced.
The final page of the survey, which requires you to share infiniti sweepstakes 2016 a post to your own Facebook wall and send a private message to 15 friends should also raise some red flags.
Were also pretty sure no one has called a flight attendant an air hostess since the Wright brothers.In fact it asks the users to subscribe using their phone number to a premium message number and the cost of this will appear on the persons telephone bill at the end of the month.Let's burst some bubbles about phony freebies, plus legitimate giveaways that upon closer inspection aren't vue voucher code november 2014 quite as 'free' as you may think.Fri, August 26, 2016, getty 1 of 10 m readers confess the weirdest passenger requests.Yes, another red flag.Heres what the post on Facebook looks like.Baby Born On Delta Flight.Whenever houston art contest there's a story in the news about a baby born during a flight, I can't tell you how many people say to me, "Lucky, kid!The story comes after, brits heading to Spain are warned of a holiday sickness insurance scam.No, they don't engage in nefarious schemes to rip you off, but such tickets aren't quite free.WhatsApp users are being warned of a viral scam that is currently going around.Or give the airline a quick call.According to one of my friends in the media, postcard recipients were required to sit through a 90-minute presentation for a travel club that cost thousands to join, and then pony up about 200 in taxes for the "free" tickets.Getty, the scam offers people two free Emirates flight tickets.