who can contest a will in south africa

It is used either where all parties are agreed that they would like to alter the terms of the will, for whatever reason, or where there is a disagreement over a will and the disputing parties are able to reach a compromise without going.
The court may ikea discount codes uk 2014 extend this time but an application for an extension of time must be made before the final distribution of the estates assets has occurred.In each case legal advice is needed.Families that are not close (either geographically or emotionally).For example, an elderly spouse versus any working-aged children.You would have the right to bring a claim but (in England and Wales) youd only succeed if you could show that youd been dependent on your parent financially.In the UK there are only limited circumstances when you can challenge a will.For free and confidential legal advice in South Australia call.Administration and Probate Act 1919 (SA).There are no hard fast rules as to what a court may or may not do in relation to these sorts of claims. .Sometimes they want to leave them some money, at other times theyll come under pressure to.The dispute may have a long history.
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Inheritance (Family Provision) Act 1972 (SA).