what does sweep mean in mortal kombat fatalities

Baraka fought Johnny Cage and killed him.
Some Super Moves also have this feature, and the length of the autoguard animation frame might be exceptionally long for them, in some cases even several seconds.
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The Rolling moves (otherwise referred to as the "Emergency Evade can be used by themselves, or while blocking an attack.Her outfit and weapon are resembling these she has in the films, but she uses her native Edenian fighting style which she had mastered already before Shao Kahn's invasion and which was supplemented with various moves that she learnt from prisoners of her stepfather.It isn't possible to Free Cancel a special move into itself, although moves that can be done on the ground and in mid-air are an exception."Mortal Kombat Trilogy Series 2 Kitana Figure".This can effectively be used as a form of Baiting, since cancelled moves take little time and can often be followed up by a quick attack.Archived from the original on September 10, 2015.Zvtit, aktuální letáky na tento tden.Retrieved January 1, 2016. .It is also used by Hazama in the BlazBlue series as his Astral Heat.The term comes from Sagat, whose Tiger Knee required a DownBack to Up motion.Priority edit A descriptive measure of an attack's tendency to strike the opponent when that opponent is also attacking.While he spends one power gauge to perform this CD attack to knock you out of any sequences or strings of attack that you may be doing, you can spend one power gauge yourself to evade his Guard Cancel CD Attack by rolling forward, which.Mortal Kombat: Deception, Divizio stated that the mask was a "skin-tight" fit, and throughout his motion capture filming, he was sweating profusely.
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