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The call center incentive program ideas ironic result is that while these projects are supposed to demonstrate to the public the wonders of mountain dew fishing sweepstakes a marketized approach to education, the WFFs money gives its grantees an advantage over other schools, allowing them to perform better than they would otherwise.
Critics question companys motives, by Liza Featherstone, first published in the Nov.
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Subject to.95 vendor fee.In addition to campaigning specifically against the estate tax, the Waltons also give money to groups that generally favor tax giveaways to the rich, like Americans for Tax Reform.Told about these figures, Kathleen MacDonald, a Wal-Mart candy department clerk in Aiken, South Carolina, responded bluntly, All I have to say about that is, it doesnt surprise.The Nation that criticisms of the company come from special-interest groups and do not influence its giving.It is hardly a coincidence that this transformation occurred after Wal-Mart became the nations largest private employer and a flytrap for much-deserved criticism.And greater cultural acceptance of the unfettered marketthrough an increasing tolerance for privatization of all kindswill certainly make the world safer for a family business that thrives on weak government and lack of regulation.The WFF funds advocacy groups promoting conservative school reformotherwise known as privatizationlike the Center for Education Reform and the Black Alliance for Educational Options, as well as the actual programs these groups champion: charter schools and voucher programs.And the Waltons have already reaped the benefits of tax policies enacted by the conservatives they helped put in office: This year Bushs dividend tax cut will save the family 51 million, according to Lee Farris, an estate-tax expert with the Boston-based United for.The company is battling numerous employee rights lawsuits in court, the biggest of these being.The Waltons claim to support competition and the free market, says Paul Dunphy, a policy analyst for Citizens for Public Schools, a Boston-based coalition, but actually they are manipulating the market, conferring advantage on their pet projects.As Krehely observes, nothing is known about the politics or interests of Sam Waltons grandchildren.(At least twice a year, the family meets to talk about how to spend its money.) The Waltons own about 40 percent of Wal-Marts stock, making Wal-Mart essentially a family businesshighly unusual for a large multinational company.Do not send cash through the mail.In addition to spending on Republican candidates, the Waltons have lavished funds on right-wing ideological institutionsorganizations that serve the interest of wealthy individuals and lawless antiunion companies like Wal-Mart.
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We are supposed to applaud philanthropythe very word connotes altruism and giving backbut Walton and Wal-Mart giving serves as a reminder that philanthropy provides an alternative to taxation, a way for rich people and corporations to decide what to do with their extra money,.