valentine vouchers for him

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More: 7 Bad Habits That Can Ruin Your Relationship.Want to give your valentine a thoughtful, homemade gift?Or maybe you agreed that you wouldnt spend anything this holiday?You will need: love coupons printed on cardstock, x-acto knife and straight edge (or scissors gluestick or liquid glue, 8 A2 envelopes in any color, and about a yard of ribbon or string.We have premade coupons for kids, including dessert before dinner or one day without chores, and for adults, including breakfast in bed or a meal out at a favorite restaurant.Glue the inside top flap of one envelope.Making a special dinner, a copy of your secret recipe, chocolate Desserts: Our Greatest Hits.These are the coupons for things you wish you had a real veto power for things like running to the store, calling the landlord and taking care of the kids for a whole day.That's why giving your spouse a love coupon book is a pretty excellent idea.Once the coupons are printed, cut them out.Punch a hole through desired coupons.One hour with a cone of silence (I wont say a word!).Place the love coupons inside, fold like an accordion, and tie with ribbon or string.We have coupons for adults and kids, plus blank ones you can fill in on the computer (or print out and handwrite).Some days you've got to figure out who is taking out the recycling.
A late-night dessert run on demand, weather not-withstanding.
One hour of participating in your favorite hobby.