united airline voucher transferable

Vouchers are also, often, transferable other passengers can use your voucher.
Call Centres, or through a travel agent if the booking is made at m/agents.
Naturally, youll be doing this after travel has been completed.
Box 6475 Winnipeg, MB Canada R3C 3V2 By Courier Service (e.g. If the cost of the ticket being purchased is greater than the value of the eCoupon, the stored value will be depleted to zero value and the difference must be paid with another eCoupon, Gift Card, eGift card or other accepted form of payment.In the voucher market, scams are notorious.Foreign Currency Travel Vouchers If you received an MCO while in another country and it is a foreign currency, you can still apply its value toward your next booking.That is the only way to know the real value of your voucher should the reservation agent tell you it only applies to select tickets.Dollars off vouchers are more easily redeemed, either online or by telephone, depending on the carriers policies.or through your travel agent To pay for a variety of fees, travel options and services (e.g.Have you ever received a voucher as compensation for an unpleasant travel experience or for volunteering to take a later flight?A paper travel voucher is also called a Miscellaneous Charges Order (MCO).There is an active voucher market on E-Bay and I have heard of friends and co-workers who pass vouchers around occasionally.I said thanks, but no thanks, and took my business elsewhere.To pay for Air Canada Bistro products or duty-free items on board our flights.Final note (and a caution Airline vouchers all have a value, however, they must be used correctly.If vouchers are not used correctly, they end up costing more money or being as worthless as the paper on which they are printed.
The agent was able to find the exact fare and itinerary I wanted, but after 30 minutes of trying, was unable best chance of winning powerball to apply the voucher.