trifexis rebate complaints

I mean really in 1982, it might have been acceptable to take 8 to 10 weeks to get my check in the mail, but your people cant even communicate what the hell happened over the phone, let alone track what happened by e-mail (though youve.
Unlike gift cards, which are regulated by federal law, these promotional and rebate reward cards can expire quickly.
Consumer advocates say that the experiences of nexus 5x international giveaway people like those highlight the need to spend reward cards quickly after you receive them.
Today I received a letter dated.24.2014 that they could not process my rebate due to one or more of the following reasons: * original veterinary invoice not included; * original veterinary invoice did not clearly show purchase of Comfortis; * scanned vet invoice.Some state regulations go further.New customers who are actually able to use the cards often don't just redeem the card for the deal itself oral b deep sweep brush head - once in the store, they spend additional money.If anything was illegible or unclear, its only because theyve got illiterate dimwits working for them.Use 'em or lose 'em Even with the disclosures, though, some consumers say they feel deceived.For instance, a diagram on AT T's site has four steps: activate service with AT T; within 30 days boden usa promo code 2014 of activating your service, check your mail for notification of the reward; go to a website to claim the reward; within three weeks of logging.It took almost 4 months before they supposedly mailed the card, and by that time I had forgotten about.The whole process could take up to seven weeks, the company says.Complete Profile, welcome to the Chronicle Forums.Some have become accustomed to prepaid cards such as gift cards have lengthier periods before they expire, and are surprised when the funds suddenly disappear.You won't be able to use them at the gas pump, and forget about ATMs: You won't be able to use them to access cash.Activation can be a process Besides expiration dates, consumers need to know they may need to take several steps to activate the cards.So as you can see, I cant send you the missing information because I had already sent you the correct information in the first place.Promo Code purchase Date continue, can't find your Promo Code?It took over two months, which is about as good as it ever gets, in my experience.Cheristin, Comfortis, Interceptor, EasySpot, Parastar, Trifexis, Atopica, Atopica for Cats, Deramaxx, Percorten, Osurnia, Elanco and the diagonal bar are trademarks of Eli Lilly and Company or its affiliates.3, 2016, i purchased heartworm protection for 2 dogs.Their look: On the front of the card, they'll have some combination of the words "reward" or "rebate" or "award" on them."The corporations that send these promotional cards out count on the fact that when people get one of them, they don't know what to do with them and they don't use them and they expire says consumer advocate Harvey Rosenfield, founder of the nonprofit advocacy.I won't be purchasing their product again.Get Started, find by Promo Code and purchase date.