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The procedure itself takes only a few minutes, but several sessions are generally needed, depending on the size, colors and location of the tattoo.
Behroozan will discuss the effectiveness of the Alex TriVantage laser procedure to see if it is right for your tattoo removal plan.
Quick, convenient, affordable, quanta C The state of the Art Laser (as seen in video above).Other colors such as green and orange are slightly more difficult to remove during tattoo removal and may require more sessions before full exclusion from guilty vs no contest the skin.Tattoos no longer have to be permanent markingsthere are tattoo removal options!All colors sizes of tattoos.Additionally, the skin will most likely swell or become slightly agitated following the tattoo removal treatment.Serving: Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside and San Diego.Individuals may opt for a cold compress to place on the treated site or may take antibiotics to avoid infection.Some individuals may need only a few sessions while others require more.That is why there are tattoo removal procedures developed to eliminate or reduce the appearance of tattoos.The Dermatology Institute of Southern California is excited about giving its patients the most advanced tattoo removal procedures that have real results.The Alex TriVantage is a tattoo removal treatment that uses pulsating laser energy over the tattoo, breaking down tattoo ink so that it can be naturally absorbed into the body.No Long term contracts or expensive terms.Numbing cream available for purchase prior to treatment.Give us a call at or come to our Tattoo Removal Clinic at 8081 Stanton Ave.Removing tattoos just got faster, fewer treatments, faster recovery time, and greater results are achievable with PicoSures groundbreaking picosecond technology.Because every tattoo is different, every individuals tattoo removal process is distinct and unlike any other persons treatment.This unparalleled breakthrough in laser technology delivers ultra-short pulse bursts of energy to the skin in trillionths of a second, making treatment fast, painless and effective.Behroozan will talk with you about what to expect during treatments as well as how many sessions may be required.Call TO schedule AN appointment, treatment by physician.Tattoff locations without notice - WE ARE here TO help YOU.
Professional, nurturing atmosphere, straightforward pricing, state-of-the-art laser, safe effective.
Generally, at least six sessions are needed to fully remove the tattoos ink from the skin.