sweep you off your feet means

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I only want to understand a movement which has swept a great nation off its feet.I would say that this is the metaphor here.It's that smooth, fluid motion and the idea of your emotions being carried in that fashion that brought about the idiom.As for how sweeping became associated with love, that's referring to the aspect of sweeping that means a smooth movement, not the act of using a broom.Close, what are red words?There tax rebate hmrc online are numerous figurative or transferred uses to "to sweep all or most of them referring to the fact that a broom sweeps things along irresistibly, or along the ground in front of it, or brushes things off the surface, or causes things.The Oxford English Dictionary,.v.Lipscombe's daughter Gillian was swept off her feet by De Roth." : mol voucher free : Similar uses of "sweep" are "swept along" and "swept." Examples (made up by me) could be: "He was swept along by the charismatic optimism of the candidate." Or: "He was swept.In the case of "swept off her feet.Link to this page.A: "Is Lucy still gushing about her new boyfriend?" B: "Yeah, he must have really swept her off her feet.".In all the uses of "sweep" or "swept" it is probably appropriate to think of the action of a broom.If such a metaphorical broom sweeps you off your feet, then you have completely lost your balance, and you may fall-you may fall down, or you may fall for someone or something.Click on the thesaurus category heading under the button in an entry to see the synonyms and related words for that meaning.We speak of things being swept up or away by the wind, or of being swept off one's feet by a wave of the sea.
To carry (a person) off his feet.v.