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The Army reserves requires a commitment of 27 days in your first year, including some evenings, weekends and a two week training camp abroad.Read more info: How to Womble.Engineered for a barefoot-like touch on the ball, the Hypervenom combines agility and power to see you get ahead of the game.Dont underestimate the power of your University notice boards either, stick up a list of books you dont need.Perform challenges Lots of apps and websites now exist that ask people to perform certain challenges, including: taking photos of supermarket prices, or uploading an image of a restaurants price list.More info: Read our guide to making money by being a film or TV extra.Its likely youll get paid, it might help out with any references you might want to get once you leave and youll probably get a free t-shirt!Get a summer holiday TV License refund Students that leave their term time address during the summer break can apply for a refund (normally around 37).More info: Read our guide to making money on campus.Dont worry if you dont, there are other ways.This type of moneymaking is time consuming and doesnt turn around much compensation, its likely youll only be paid a few pence per review, but if its something you enjoy doing anyway, why not?Play a game of Trollottery If your halls are near any big supermarkets why not try out a game of Trollottery?All the forgotten CDs and DVDs back home are still worth money.Maybe even a new Twitter profile to avoid destroying your followers timelines with your retweets!As soon as the new school years starts, get your CV in there to replace the leavers wholl have graduated.Set your own fees or leave it to the parents, many may feel guilty for overrunning in the evenings and leave you a big tip!Huge University towns like York, Leicester and Warwick have rich historical routes.Go to Summer camp Fancy getting out the country for the summer and trying something new?
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