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The minimalist theme continued when we popped the box open.
A finished sample of nike promotional code 2015 Combat Hero Optimus Prime was discount windows clacton among the rare toys auctioned off for charity at BotCon 1996, along with several other unreleased Generation 2 items.
It was packaged along with an alligator version of Megatron and a Beast Wars mini-comic.He also has a pair of extra arms (originally from the Kre-O Battleship aliens plus a buildable large rifle, a buildable wing-pack, and a ray pistol (originally an Andorian blaster from Kre-O Star Trek ).The project was crowd-funded through Japanese crowd-funding site Makuake.An alleged list of the tentative Classics line-up 19 included a Deluxe-sized Optimus Prime without a trailer and a version with a trailer at the Voyager price point ; however, it appears the decision was eventually made to upscale Optimus to Voyager size instead.According to Mark Weber, this was meant to represent his abdominal area being torn in the movie's battle.The figure was later redecoed to create " Convoy Super Black " (representing not Optimus Prime, but Universe Nemesis Prime Alternity Ultra Magnus, and Alternity Dai Atlas.This mold also served as the basis of the non-toy Beast Wars: Uprising incarnations of Guiledart and Killer Punch.He is armed with a small pistol which transforms into his vehicle mode engine.and neither.This sculpt was also used to create Alternators Nemesis Prime Kiss Players.And yet, I do!Unfortunately, the enormous stickers are usually poorly applied, resulting in peeling, trapped air bubbles, and misaligned comes with all its customary accessories, including the Perfect Edition trailer, redecoed where appropriate: the trailer itself has become translucent, its energon-axe is now transparent grey, and Megatron, in another movie homage, is rendered in translucent purple, evoking the scene depicting his transformation into.He changes from an evergreen -inspired robot into a more G1-based truck in just four steps.Masterpiece See also: 20th Anniversary/Masterpiece Optimus Prime (2017) win a ps4 contest 2015 ID Number: MP-10 Accessories: Ion Blaster, Matrix of Leadership, Energon axe Another Hasbro release of the MP-10 mold, which is basically a reissue of the 2010 Transformers line's Masterpiece Optimus Prime, but with the Japanese release's.
Knockoffs were later made available, so buyers beware!
Pepsi Optimus Prime (Autobot, 2007) Accessories: Left right fists, ion blaster, trailer Inspired by the 1985 promotional version of Optimus Prime that featured Pepsi stickers on his trailer, this outlandish incarnation of Prime is a slightly altered version of Takara's 2005 Pepsi Convoy figure (which.