stanley rabbet plane 78 parts

My intention was not to get a usable piece.
Knowing the width and depth of the rebate, set the Fenace and Depth Gauge to these Measurements.
Stan Faullin's PDF conversion of the original Stanley.USE OF spur, the Spur "L" is shown in the correct position for discount tire near meridian revating with the grain of the wood.Serendipity prevailed in my case as the depth stop, depth stop thumbscrew, and nicker assembly were still in place - not something one would expect.When the rebate is "stopped or does not go the full length of the work, the Cutter should be fitted in the forward position in the Plane Body.Rebates are used on window and door frames, for fitting backs into Carcase work and many other applications Including various joints such as secret-lap dovetailing.Klingspor's woodworker's shop, and, after a scrub with alcohol and water, I coated the japanned areas with shellac.Holding the Plane Level and upright start the rebate at the further end of the wood and work gradually backwards until you are able to take off the final shaving, the full length of the rebate, Ensure that the left hand exerts pressure sideways.Thank you for your business.Of course I bid on it, but I was outbid in the closing seconds and it sold for several times what I paid for the rest of the plane.Stanley no longer makes the thumbscrew so I had to settle for a knurled cap screw with a slot for a straight screwdriver.This Spur must, however, be brought into use for working across the grain when it cuts the fibers of the wood in front of the Cutter, leaving a clean finish to the rebate.Hardware (544 tapered Irons (3 stanley Bailey - Stanley (650 stanley No 45 No 55 (202 stanley No 45 No 55 Cutters (583 stanley No 78 (42 stanley No 71 No 71 (47).Make sure you buy one with the depth stop and the fence, those parts are worth as much as the plane.Html and image conversion done.Other 78's have a floral pattern cast into the handle whereas those manufactured around 1910 have a fish scale motif.In anticipation I visited the Stanley Works web site where I found downloadable PDF files of the parts they carry and their price lists.I couldn't get over the fact that this former door stop candidate could perform, and admirably.The story of how one antique rabbet plane found its way into my shop adds interest to what I am sure is an already fascinating provenance.
The fact is that they were removed.
The original nut is fitted into the body and won't come out when you remove the runner.