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Between general use and many direct comparisons I feel like I was able to get an accurate feel for the resolution from the lens.
It will take 5 off your entire order!The first allows you to turn off autofocus and select MF only, while the second is a welcome focus limiter switch.It balances better either on larger full frame cameras or with a battery grip on a smaller one.The second issue (taste issue?) is that I found that colors were a little less saturated coming out of the camera before post. I was also reminded that after you correct for this chromatic aberration you often lose a fair bit of contrast, resulting in less apparent resolution at wide apertures in the field. Look at this high risk subject.Canon 135mm f/2L weighs only 750g it at least doesnt continue to push the envelope of ever larger lenses in the ART series.The ART series has had a few significant flaws, but recent releases have seen them chipping away at things like autofocus consistency, and this lens promises to expand on that them.But adding saturation or even a completely unique look in post is something many of us do anyway.It is good for everything in your cart, and is stackable with other coupons, too! Ive shared a number of images that Ive pumped up through processing on social media to very positive effect.Darmstadt, Germany - December 20, 2017. I saw improved autofocus performance with both the 85mm and 12-24mm f/4 ART lenses.
It should be noted that Sigmas inclusion of dust and moisture resistance in this lens gives it a one up on the Canon 135mm f/2L, which seems like it should have weather sealing but actually doesnt.
Watch this video for an interactive look at the 135mm ARTs build, design, and features.