san diego county water rebates

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There you will find the Graywater Systems fact sheet complete with recommendations, program parameters and requirements, and information about the rebate process.It drops to 35 on Jan.1.A 75 rebate offered by the San Diego County Water Authority and the Metropolitan Water District of Southern mickey mouse clubhouse birthday favor ideas California is available for a variety of qualifying rain barrels.About 31,000 rebates have been issued for rain barrels and cisterns in the region since the incentive program began three years ago, said Joni German, a water resources specialist at the County Water Authority.For details go to the city website at ndiego.In 2013, the City streamlined its permitting process for "simple" and "complex" system installation, in an effort to encourage homeowners to conserve water and save money.SAN diego New financial incentives are available for homeowners who want to replace water-hungry lawns with more efficient landscaping, the San Diego County Water Authority announced Wednesday.The program also offers rebates of 250 or more for people who install cisterns that can hold at least 200 gallons of water.Cistern rebates will remain the same next year, German said.Now is the time, German said Wednesday.According to the state of California, a standard home generates approximately 160 gallons of graywater per day, or nearly 60,000 gallons per year.Rebate rules are.Lawns to be replaced must have an in-ground irrigation system, and the site needs to have an inspection before the conversion takes place.The barrels are made of heavy duty recycled plastic, hold 50 gallons, have a lid with a screen at the top, and a spigot at the bottom.Recipients must purchase their containers before submitting their application with a copy of their receipt to get the rebate.
Overflow from the top of the full container should run onto a lawn or garden and not a hard surface.