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My brother Bob is four years younger.
Life was so joyful then.
I went to PS156, grades1-6, then JHS59, 7-9, then Andrew Jackson 10-12.I drove it all over the place and moved it to California with. .My name is Neil e one who lived at th street (right next to Tom's Barber Shop) from 1959 to 1973 (when we moved to San Diego).I remember going.If you remember me or know where these former friends are please give me info.Open Hollywood edit Pantages Hollywood Theatre Hollywood Boulevard Hollywood is the main entrance area of the park.Many of the names from this "side of the tracks "are all familiar and a real blast to see from the past.The most southern part of this neighborhood was marshland and a place where I went crabbing.( earn free amazon gift cards uk Probably polluted, but what did I know?) In the middle of this unoccupied wasteland was a a 3-story edifice,The something Inn, which was widely regarded as a house.My sister Shelly Straubing ajhs '64 married Bob Abramson from Cambria Heights but sadly became ill at an early age and made her transition many years ago. .My puerto rican girl friend lived right up the block.Choose from Spuds Aprons, Faber Bistro or if it is a special occasion, treat your loved ones to a cable car dining experience by booking a space for their Sky Dining On Cloud 9 or the Singapore Delights Onboard Singapore Cable Car packages.Next door was the Diamond ravioli store and the Laurelton Luncheonette. .Do you remember Robbins Candy Store on Merrick.I was to one reunion about 14 years ago held near Kennedy Airport and have never heard any more about future reunions. .Howie Katz Email Address: February 23, 2006 I am tying to locate some additional pictures and stories from my Grandfather Harold's Raab's Luncheonette or Raab's ice cream parlor. .Now past Wedgewood Studio and we are at the itch.Billy Gazerro Email Address: June 13, 2005 Hi Skip, I'm Etta (Appel) Weinstein.Cleaners/next MOE'S do self employed get childcare vouchers candy store near.Laurelton gun discount for veterans changed for a number of reasons - chalk it up to the unscrupulous banks and shady real estate companies who were block-busting in the 60s and inflicting fear on residents about blacks coming to town.Hopefully at some point there will be another.
This is how I learned of the Holocaust.