polaris pool sweep backup valve

Step 7, to extract the Polaris Valve Mechanism, simply grip and pull.
Clickable Polaris 280 Parts Diagram.
Step 8, replacing the valve is just as simple, align the valve mechanism's water port with the valve port opening and slide the mechanism down into position.
Push down on fanduel coupon codes the idler wheel to dislodge any sand or dirt.For use on the Polaris 180, 280 and 380 cleaner.Confirm that the blue restrictor disc ( 40 ) is installed in the UWF to decrease water flow.If not, replace the Drive Belt ( 8 ) Action: Polaris doesn't back.We carry a wide variety of Polaris cle.Polaris 360 In-Line Back-Up Valve.This back up valve is for the 360 cleaner that takes the 1 1/4" spiral hose.Polaris Black In-Line Back Up Valve OEM.48, buy It Now, free Shipping Polaris Black Back Up Valve.Check that the filter 280 bag (key number 1) is not full of debris.(Works for all booster pump driven pool cleaners) Polaris part # G-52.It is easy to check the RPM by bringing the cleaner to the edge of the pool while keeping it submerged, turn it so the single side wheel.Check that the Polaris 280 is operating at optimal number of wheel revolutions per minute (RPM).Check that the hose floats (key number 51) are floating and are spaced properly on the feed hose (key number 52).Replacement Polaris 280 Pool Cleaner Back Up Valve part 3260-G054, Hose Feed Complete part 3262-0.Step 11, reinstall valve back in line with the feed hose, by moisten the end of the hose with a solution of water and dish detergent and sliding it onto the Polaris Back Up valve's nozzle then tighten with valve nut.Now place the other end of the valve cover, being sure to line up the notch on the cover with the notch on the other end of the cover then slide down into position.A defective backup valve can prevent water from making it to the Polaris cleaning head and causi.Special Notes For International Orders.Or, install the red restrictor disc ( 40 ) to decrease the water flow even more.Moving the thrust jet to the left will turn the cleaner left and vice versa.
Check RPM of the wheels.
If not, replace the Drive Belt ( 8 ) Check the filter screen ( 44 ) in the Quick Disconnect ( 41 ) and clean if necessary.