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This would help me cut down on bandwidth and server load (considering I estimate a lot less people budget car coupons code actually willing to donate to access them and help me pay the bills and maybe even get another server in the future.
I finally understand why sites need support; things aren't as cheap as they appear!
You have all impacted the Internet, mainstream culture, and history in a profound way.According to Google Analytics, in the past 30 days (June 4 - July 4, 2012) 4chan has been visited by approximately 22 million unique visitors, and served 620 million page views to those visitors.As always I'll be carrying buttons, so if you see me, be sure to ask for one.I just want to give you a sense of the scale of things to appreciate what it is that we do here: 4chan pushes roughly.3TB of data/month.Word has gotten out on 2chan and we have alot of new Japanese posters to the community.Will the site be faster now?Souldark is Scottish and made me laugh with his funny accent.If anyone knows a few artist friends or people that could help start up the oekaki board that would be great.I am now considering getting rid of boards such as /f /u and even /l/.As an aside, I want to quickly clarify what CloudFlare does and doesn't.Don't let it fool you though, 4chan is getting bigger by the month and if played correctly, could become a much better site.Otakon has confirmed us for a panel this summer.Just like the one before, it is going to be an all or nothing approach.Threads auto-updated grad images promo code free 5x7 at the set interval regardless of whether or not the tab had focus, and if the update had yielded any new posts.I hope I've covered most of the many questions that have been asked over these past two days regarding "donate OR DIE 2005".This is because 50 of 4chan's traffic comes from Japan, and with the extreme lack of contribution for that number, I consider providing almost half of the available bandwidth to people who do not contribute a waste.That's a polite way of saying, if you're a moron, don't bother me as it is wasting both of our time.Let's begin where we left off.
For worksafe boards, intra-thread post timers have been increased to encourage more thoughtful, less chatroom-y replies, whereas inter-thread timers are presently unchanged.