pg&e commercial energy efficiency rebates

Within the first 8 months, more than 800 businesses in San Francisco and San Jose pledged to reduce energy waste.
Forest Grove Light and Power works with commercial and industrial customers to identify energy conservation measures, and provides financial incentives based on the energy savings.Smud offers both customized and prescriptive incentives for a wide variety of efficient equipment and measures including air-conditioning, refrigeration, lighting, lighting sensors, custom data center cooling, server virtualization, motor systems and process improvement equipment, food service equipment, plug load sensors and PC software.CSIs Thermal Program provides cash rebates up to 500,000 for solar water heating systems on commercial buildings in the service territories of PG E, SCE, SoCal Gas, and SDG.What utility energy efficiency programs are available to me?Incentive levels are on a 10-step free voucher for dog spaying declining schedule based on the amount of solar installed and connected to ladwps grid.Utilities will select bids based on lowest price until the auction capacity is reached.Advanced ZNE building design and technology, by piloting an integrated approach during the design and renovation of PG Es Stockton Regional Office building.The Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (neea The Lighting Design Lab, and the Northwest Energy Education Institute offer educational resources and training opportunities.Participating customers reduced their home energy usage by an average of 18 percent, with some customers saving as much as 63 percent.What additional opportunities are available to me?PDP is a time varying pricing plan with additional charges added during critical peak times (2-6.m.Incentives range from 125 to 400/kW of reduction capability, depending on level of automation and utility. .PG E helped architects and other building professionals gain new skills and expertise in energy efficient design and construction at our three training centers, holding 340 training sessions and providing more than 1,400 technical consultations.Eligible projects include interior and exterior lighting, daylight photo controls, occupancy sensors, efficient exit signs, hvac equipment, chillers, reflective roof treatment, energy management control systems, and variable speed drive.