nikon lens rebates september 2014

50mm f/1.4G US100 rebate See what I just wrote about with the f/1.8G.
When I saw this pop up on the list, I thought it had to how to win ga lottery scratch off tickets be the older, non AF-S version.
Still trying to get images done for them.
Help support this site by purchasing from this advertiser:.This is the traditional inventory clearance prior to the fiscal year end, though it comes a little late this year.Smaller bodies that benefit from smaller lens).It's probably Nikon's best macro lens in modern form at the moment, and with the price now down just above US800, it's definitely on sale.85mm f/1.8G US50 rebate, at under US430, this is almost a no-brainer.While the rebate is okay, it just seems like a lot of money to pay for a lens were all expecting to be replaced soon.This is a really good lens, far better than the original, and actually functionally good at 400mm on cameras with high pixel densities such as the D7100 and D800.A new 300mm f/2.8 lens was specifically mentioned.At 17 off, it's a decent buy, but look for versions of eBay, as a lot of folk got this lens in an FX kit and decided to sell it; you might find a better bargain there.None of these lens rebates require that you purchase a camera.US100 rebate Lets start with this: I sold my 24-70mm f/2.8 and the replacement for this lens isnt thrilling me, either, though its clearly better.Because the working distance gets too tight.My guess is that any replacement would be far more costly than the US600 price now on this lens.So you really have to need that extra fraction of a stop to warrant paying extra money.
Low light shooters might want to opt for it, others should get the f/1.8G.
Its a nice lens, sure, but you really have to need the f/1.4 to choose this over the f/1.8, and even then I dont think you choose.