ni rebate pension

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This means members do not receive the additional state pension and pay a lower rate of National Insurance (NI).
This is of particular interest for foreigners as receiving a rebate in their personal pension will be by far more realistic than receiving a state pension from the UK Government on retirement when they arent even living in the.
You can collect your State Pension if you are still working, or you can wait until after you retire.This will have a financial impact for your employees as it will reduce their take home pay.Further Information, you can find out more information about the new state pension on the website.M does not provide tax advice and the information provided is to help give people a better understanding and does not constitute tax advice.Get a tax rebate.Home Tips Glossary What is the State Pension?People born before these dates usually need 44 years (for men) or 39 years (for women) of NI contributions to qualify for the full state pension.You can find out more about NI rates and thresholds for 2015 to 2016 on the website.We understand that potential funding discussions are being undertaken as part of the comprehensive spending review.From, for those that reach state pension age on or after the, the new state pension will replace the existing basic and additional state pension.Use US as an Agency.By using this web site, you accept terms of this privacy statement and the terms of use.
It is important that you are able to inform employees about this change and why it is happening.
We will keep you updated with any further information on the outcomes of these discussions as we receive.