national history day writing contest

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National Contest Student Exhibit Examples Junior Group The Apollo-Soyuz Mission: Launching a Unified Exchange Student(s Tara Ampolinu, Callie Elms, Mehek Jain Trinity Yeo Exhibit Photo Process Paper Bibliography Junior Individual Brainstorm!
The paper category does not require a process paper to be submitted with the project.
Labels and captions should be used creatively with visual images and objects to enhance the message of your exhibit.Parkview Center School, minnesota, annotated Bibliography, process Paper.If you have lost your login information, cannot convert your standard Weebly to NHD Weebly, or need an account recovered please email.The theme is chosen for the broad application to world, national, or state history and its relevance to ancient history or to the more recent past.National Contest Student Paper Examples Junior From Hopeless to Heroic: The Polar Voyage of the USS Jeannette Student(s Flora Ranis Process Paper Bibliography The European Organization for Nuclear Research: Exploration, Encounter and Exchange Through Nuclear Physics Student(s Owen Barr Process Paper Bibliography Senior A Pure.To construct a website, you must have access to the Internet and be able to operate appropriate software and equipment.Writing your titles, text, and labels is often referred to as writing the script.The analysis and interpretation of your topic must be clear and evident to the viewer.9 " Themes are rotated each year and prior themes are often used after approximately seven years.Body: the main body of your paper is where you can make the case for your conclusion and present your evidence, the primary sources, and your analysis of how they support your thesis.National Contest Student Website Examples Junior Group Feminists in Flight: Exploring Gender Equality at 32,000 Feet Student(s Sophia Burick Kelly McDonald Website Process Paper Bibliography Senior Group China's Surge into Silk: The Exploration, Encounter, and Exchange of the Silk Road Student(s Tigan Donaldson Brian Ely.2017 - Taking a Stand 2016 - Exploration Encounter Exchange 2015 - Leadership and Legacy 2014 - Rights and Responsibilities 2017 - Taking a Stand, apple discount codes 2015 documentaries.Your historical website should be a collection of web pages, interconnected by hyperlinks, that presents both primary and secondary sources and your historical analysis.Tell your story and tell it straight.To engage and inform viewers, your website should incorporate interactive multimedia, text, non-textual descriptions (e.g., photographs, maps, music, etc.Work on speaking clearly, pronouncing all words correctly, and projecting your voice so that the judges and the audience can hear every word.Brainstorm with general ideas and how they might be presented.There are also more than a dozen special prizes awarded worth between 500 and 1,000.In jstor Fehn, Bruce.; Schul, James.D element on NHD Weebly, we have removed this element and recommend students post their bibliographies and process papers as PDF files on their websites, using the File element under Media.Students gathered on campus to devote one day to history calling it "National History Day." Over the next few years, the contest expanded throughout Ohio and into surrounding Midwestern states.