meaning of the lucky dip

Mid-15c., of persons; 1540s, of actions or objects, "likely to bring luck from luck -y (2).
Dip candles vtr npl (make by dipping wick in wax) ( artigianalmente ) fare le candele vtr The children learned how to dip candles at the craft fair.( Agr ) ( for sheep, poultry ) baño m de desinfección see lucky.Related: Luckier; luckiest; luckiness.Dip down vi prep (land: slope downward) ( di terreno ) scendere, digradare vi dip down scendere (discesa) dip into sth figurative, informal (read, sample briefly) dare un'occhiata, dare uno sguardo vtr ( libri, testi ) dare una letta, dare una scorsa vtr Whenever I have.To look briefly at (a book) or to study (a subject) in a casual manner.Dip informal (quick getting paid online surveys swim) nuotata nf bagno, tuffo nm It's nice to go for a dip on a hot day.Is said to date from 1871; popular from 1935 when the brands maker picked up sponsorship of "Your Hit Parade" on radio.To lower the beam of (car headlights).Published by Houghton Mifflin Company.Dip sth (headlights: switch to low beam) ( veicoli, fari ) togliere gli abbaglianti, spegnere gli abbaglianti, mettere gli anabbaglianti vtr Lisa dipped her lights when she saw another car coming towards her.Having or marked by good luck ; fortunate: That was my lucky day.
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