marie holmes lottery winner giving away money

I will definitely pray for Yall because its much needthey talked about Jesus so Im not surprised Yall are talking about me but be blessed though, she posted on wways Facebook page.
Meg Wagner, nEW york daily news, thursday, August 13, 2015, 7:40.
Powerball winner Marie Holmes spent 9 million to bail her fiancé out of jail twice.
The largest payout.S.Follow on Twitter @tobysalkc, send a Letter to the Editor).She took home 88 million after taxes when she decided to take the lump sum.29 for violating terms of his pretrial release on drug trafficking charges and charged two days earlier with misdemeanor conspiracy in a street race, said Brunswick County Sheriffs Office spokeswoman Emily Flax.She says security accompanies her everywhere.A lottery winner decided to stand by her man despite bailing him out of jail four times for a total of 21 million since her massive jackpot, a report revealed Thursday.A North Carolina lottery winner used part of her 188 million jackpot to bail her convict fiancé out of jail twice.After taxes are taken out of her lump-sum payment of 127 million, Holmes will take home.9 million.Yeah, masterchef season 5 contestants where are they now that's what happened.She has vowed not to let her 127million Powerball win change her - and has even promised to give some of the cash to church.I have a son who is 7 and daughters who are 4, 3 and 9 months.While her mom was convinced because she saw the numbers in person, Holmes says the rest of her family did not believe she had won the 564.1 million jackpot, the fifth largest lottery prize.S.The single mom said was forced to quit her jobs at Walmart and McDonalds because she needed to take care of her kids full time.I dont know when Im actually going to believe.5 after posting a 6 million bail.I guess it's hard for people to believe.When did you know that you had hit the lottery?