kawaii giveaway tumblr

You can also submit your buca di beppo coupon code 2016 themes here!
For bonus points, dont mention your real name.
Option 1: click: Theme Coode, option 2: preview.How do you stay super kawaii?Use a photo of a cute girl for your userpic.I was very excited about my trip to Japan, everything there is so cute and great and I bought a lot of cute japanese goods for you.If you enter the giveaway you can win.Bonus: pink cats with inverted crucifixes.This is self-explanatory (psst try cute-backgrounds on tumblr.Ive been on Tumblr for some time -as kaoani liveitsimple and like it for two reasons.Whipped deco mirror, macaroon ring.Im a sucker for kawaii smiling stuff.Winner will BE chosen ON THE 31ST OF january.Good Luck 3 kawaii factory.Ill msg the winner so always enable your AskBox.You want a photo of some typically kawaii girl, even if its someone elses!
Gonna have a mini game soon and winner will win a cute theme.
If youve got any Tumblr recommendations, please share them in the comments.