ideas for raffles

There are variations where people can buy back in to the drawing or can win smaller prizes along the way.
Cash Prize Raffle: Offer different cash prizes that people can win.
Jail Bail: People at your event can pay to put someone in jail.
Mystery Box Raffle: Put together a mystery box of goods and sell tickets.Your school or non-profit organization can set yourself apart from the crowd with these unique fundraising ideas.Pizza Party: Has a wide appeal because everyone loves pizza.Charge per bowl or plate, and give the winner a cash prize.Themed Gift Basket Auction: Put together themed gift baskets to auction, like a grilling basket, beach party basket even a holiday gift basket will work.Simply use charity auction software to post your auction items online.So, lets take a look at the best prize ideas for each format: Door prizes Gift cards and gift certificates make great door prizes.More Ideas For Fundraisers, cash Calendar Raffle Fundraiser, cow Chip Fundraiser Raffle.All tips collected go towards your charity.15) Mani/Pedi Basket pumice stone, clippers, files, a variety of polish, buffer, polish remover, toe separators 16) Home Spa Basket loofah, eye mask, lotions and shower gels, slippers, relaxation CD 17) Vera Bradley Bundle bag, purse, wallet, laptop case, keychain, luggage 18) singapore sweep results 11/2014 Green Thumb Basket.Home raffles are big moneymakers, but only if you know how to sell a lot of tickets.Doing a fundraiser basket raffle is a pretty easy way to get the job done and have some fun at the same time.Charge admission, then sell drinks and other baked goodies to attendees.Car Wash Fundraiser: Students can offer to wash cars for 5 or more, with the proceeds going to their charity or group.Chore Fundraising: Have students do chores for those who donate, like gardening or washing windows.Gas Station Attendant: Great for high school fundraising, team up with a local gas station for students to provide gas station attendant services.The more tickets people buy, the better the chance of winning!
That means getting the most publicity possible and offering tickets in many different ways.
Sell tickets to play each game.