how to win tickets over the radio

WikiHow Contributor You can start by looking up the phone number for the radio station you want to call.
Stations don't get stacks of tickets.Radio station Contests, over the years I have won 3 times on Z100 *Avril Lavigne *Warp Tour and meet and greet with the band Bowling For Soup *Kelly Clarkson, fresh102.7 *Phillip Phillips including meet and greet.As you see, there is no real concrete way of winning a how to promote online store random radio contest.Program your phone to have the radio station on speed dial.I often hear people ask How did you win tickets from a radio station?Some radio programs are extremely popular, like morning shows.Research if they will be at other locations / events giving tickets away.So, you can't really increase your odds of winning by calling early.Research what gilt promo code october 2015 radio stations are in your area.It will likely count against your winning.Remember, most of us Air Personalities have inflated egos.5 Brush up your music knowledge.4, wait until they ask for callers.Most stations have limits to how many times you can win in a 30 day period."Butter-up" their ego a little bit, then ask them if they are going to give anything away during their shift.Check out any special concerts they will be having; this usually happens around the holidays and will sometimes have calendars when to call in to win.Lots of people will also be calling into the station.There is nothing radio-folk hate more that a "contest hog" (that's a person that blindly calls in to radio contests most of the time not even knowing what prize is up for grabs.) For the most part, we will clear all of the lines.
Sometimes a station will randomly welcome callers to enter these types of contests.
If you get the wrong number, you could easily mistake cheap ray ban sunglasses uk it for a busy signal.