how to win cars in sup

While theyre useful for pulling off air tricks, be sure that you watch your steering.
Before tapping the green Race button, have a look at upgrade recommendations.
You want to have a clear path ahead of cabelas online coupons you so you can overtake your opponents, so change lanes whenever possible, and take advantage of the situation.SUP Multiplayer Racing free online promotion is basically what would happen if The Fast and the Furious was a cartoon.Try barging people out of the way by online black friday deals 2014 tablets changing lanes when theyre trying to get past you.Stars are won by completing the current events.With each star, you can open one more mystery box.This means youre in your rivals slipstream, and its going to give you the boost you need to get past them.The simplest way to do this would be to place as well as possible, but youll need a good car for that, and to that end, you may want to complete as many tasks as you could.And once youve used that second boost, you can use the third one once youre in the lead, so as to make sure nobody overtakes you.To do this, start slipstreaming then switch lanes.Nitro Items Booster, Golden Havoc and Gold Coin booster are a few examples of power-ups you might get from a chest.Dont use it as soon as the race starts because youll just be driving into a crowd of cars.Show some style for extra coins!Select and Upgrade a Recommended Car at the Garage to Double Your Trophies.Drifting Might Not Be a Good Idea If You Want to Win a Race.SUP Multiplayer Racing is one of those games that has got the basics right.When you receive a chest, quickly tap it to start the countdown.You may have to wait for a few hours to open one.Play dirty, its all well and good trying to win with speed alone, but its not going to help you in the cutthroat world of SUP.When youre in the air, tapping the lane change button will make your car slightly rotate in the air.To drift, your car needs to be in top speed.