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Don't think that your art is so unique that you can price it without regard to what's happening elsewhere in your art community or in the art world in general.
This is unbelievable." Not going to happen.Pricing by comparison works in the great majority of cases, but you can get even more accurate with your pricing to really make sure that your prices make sense, AND that they can be justified to anyone who asks.Good times to raise prices are when your art sells regularly, you've been selling consistently for at least six months to a year, preferably longer, you have a show where at least half of your art sells, or you're selling at least half of your.In the same way, in order to sell art, you have to price it according to art criteria.Reprints will often have the original publisher's name on the pages in the book, but the book binding will identify the name of the reprint publisher.That's how you make a living as an artist.So support your prices with facts.Now let's look at comparison-shopping from the buyer'S standpoint.For example, suppose you've narrowed your comparables search down to a handful of artists whose art is priced in the 2000-20,000 range."You tell me which one you like the most.An estimated dealer retail price, so you can feel more confident on the forecourt.Learning what these art criteria are and understanding how they apply to you is essential to pricing your art successfully.Consistency in Art Pricing, let's talk consistency.Fleet and leasing, disposal prices from fleet and leasing companies.Thanks for Supporting, kelley Blue Book.A professional bookseller can give you an immediate fair offer for your book, but their priceline coupon code hotel 2014 price will need to factor in the profit they need to run their business, so don't be surprised to be offered 1/4 of the average retail.In other words, bidders or buyers may pay excessive prices for art not because that is what the art is realistically worth, but rather because they know their money is going to a good cause.Let people see your prices first, think them over, decide whether they like your 1500 sculpture 1500 worth, decide whether they can afford it, and when they're ready, then they'll ask questions.Pricing by how you feel looks arbitrary to outsiders; they see isolated high or low prices, can't figure them out, and, most importantly, they rarely ask why.The more aware you are of the big picture, of what other artists make, how much they charge for it, who buys it for how much and why, the better prepared you are to price your art so that it has a chance to sell.So to repeat, especially when you're starting out, don't demand too much.
They are not the cold cruel impersonal art world.