how is a membrane sweep done

Membrane sweeping is done by your midwife or doctor.
This motion helps separate the sac.It does not increase free shipping jcp coupons the risk of infection to either you or your baby.Maybe you would go into labor at 40 weeks and three days instead of 41 weeks.Women who have their membrane swept arent more likely to have a cesarean delivery or other complications.The procedure can be done in your doctor's office.Your doctor may suggest trying a membrane sweep if: youre near or past your due date there isn't a pressing medical reason to induce with a faster method.It can also cause your uterus to become really irritable and contract irregularly.Another con is that most women report that the procedure is either somewhat or very painful.Your cervix is highly vascular, meaning it has a lot of blood vessels.But remember that unless there is a medical concern, it's usually best to let your pregnancy progress naturally.If only they would strip my membranes to induce labor, I reasoned, I could be out of my misery and meet my baby boy sooner.Last reviewed December 2010.I'm overdue and I'm wondering if I should have a membrane sweep.There may also be some slight "spotting" of blood and irregular contractions immediately afterwards.As a midwife I have been guilty in the past of saying to a mom-to-be, who was overdue, "Would you like me to 'sweep your membranes'?" As a phrase, it conjures up all sorts of images and confirms that a midwife's habits are many and.Most studies found four days on average.For those of you whose care provider doesnt explain the pros and cons to you, what are they?This is where they insert their finger up your vagina towards your cervix.You can read our disclaimer and terms of use.
Membrane sweeping can help prevent needing medications for an induction.