ebmud yard rebate

Custom Rebate Program web page for details.
The Magic of Mulch, save water, beautify your garden, and enhance soil health with mulch.
Visit the Board of Directors Meeting page to view other documents and presentations.Request a speaker, submit a request for an ebmud speaker at your upcoming event.Benefits of mulch Mulch helps soil retain moisture, stifles weeds and beautifies your garden.During this soggy season, ebmud asks customers to use water wisely.If you go through your city permit process, you may be able to use other sources of graywater like showers and bathroom sinks for watering plants.Rebates are available for the diverter (see below).Using graywater at home, an easy way to incorporate graywater is to install a three-way diverter valve at your clotheswasher and water your plants with the rinse water.Water supplies from the Sacramento River were delivered to East Bay taps through the Freeport Regional Water Facility in 20, in time to bridge the water supply gap when our Mokelumne River supply was stressed.The drought amazon ca daily kindle deals cost ebmud 75 million in FY 2016 alone.To prevent overwatering, turn off your diverter during the rainy season.My Water Report, receive reports comparing your water use to similar households.Those investments paid off.Outdoor watering rules, the following outdoor watering restrictions are in effect to encourage wise water use.If drain pipes are not accessible.The drought surcharge helped pay for emergency dry year water supplies and expand conservation.If you live 100 yards (and up the hill) from a creek.Get a rebate of up to 50 for purchase of a graywater system 3-way diverter valve.SystemStoragePcntCapacity full, mokelumne watershed precipitation, inches, precipitation percent of average.
Excessive use penalty lifted, the Excessive Water Use Penalty, an ordinance that levied fines on customers who used more than 80 units of water per billing cycle, was suspended effective May 3, 2016.
You can put it to good use on your landscape - safely and legally.