dog neutering vouchers northern ireland

Prevents unwanted litters of pups/kittens, prevents animals coming into season twice a year (dogs) or more often for cats.
There are already thousands of stray and abandoned dogs in the UK, many of which are needlessly destroyed each year.Northern Ireland: BT, we also offer 35 neutering shop my exchange promo code december 2015 for dog owners.Increase the likelihood of obesity it is free furniture give away gold coast important that neutered bitches are fed slightly less (approx.Not only does neutering prevent the birth of unwanted kittens and puppies, it also has significant benefits for the health of your pet and makes them more contented and companiable members of your family.Those that live in one of our qualifying postcodes with a breed of dog listed above and that are in receipt of another type of benefit, can make an application for help by writing in to our head office.All tomcat neuters and cat spays get a free pack on discharge, with free food and a voucher for.00 off your first purchase post-op.We have all had to put bitches to sleep because of breast cancer this is especially distressing, as these deaths are so easily preventable.35 low cost neutering is available to those in receipt of means-tested benefit (Income support; Jobseekers Allowance; ESA, Child Tax Credit, Working tax credit; Housing Benefit; Council Tax reduction/ Council tax Support; Universal Credit, Pension Credit or a tenant of the NI Housing Executive).Dog Trusts Cat Protection charities in Northern Ireland offer financial help towards the cost of neutering for pet owners on means tested benefits.All decisions regarding these applications are made on a case by case basis.Remove the risk of a pyometra a life-threatening womb infection very common in older or middle-aged entire bitches.Allow him to be kept in mixed rabbit company without inter-male aggression, or unwanted baby rabbits appearing!If you qualify under the scheme you will need to book the appointment with a participating vet and simply take along proof of benefit and photo ID (or two forms of other ID) when you attend your veterinary appointment.If, in the unlikely event an animal does work at a wound sufficiently badly to open it, immediately place the collar on, and call for advice.
In Dogs Neutering will: Stop or reduce male sex-hormone driven behaviours.
You will need to explain your situation in full, include the breed of dog, and enclose proof of benefit and a copy of your.