do self employed get childcare vouchers

So go for the vouchers.
If you're retiring after April 2016, that's raised to 35 years.If you cared for a grandchild in the last tax year, you need to apply in the October after the end of the tax year for the credit to be transferred.However, they must also be registered with the new Tax-Free Childcare scheme for you to be able to sign.If your provider's on there, you'll be able to send payments directly through your account to the provider's bank account via the bacs system.Tax-Free Childcare explained: The seven need-to-knows.Childcare Choices which allows you to apply for the scheme but has staggered the signing-up process.First grab 15 hours' free childcare (or 30 hours if eligible in England) and check if you're due tax credits.This means you need to try to budget over 12 months.If you're not already signed up to your employer's Childcare Vouchers scheme, you'll need to.You can currently get help for up to 70 of eligible childcare costs, but there's a limit to the total cost.But here's some rough guidance.
When's it worth using vouchers?
Both parents (if basic-rate taxpayers or higher/top payers who joined the scheme before ) are allowed to get a maximum of 243 per month worth of vouchers, meaning some families will gain 1,000s from this over a year.