direct tv com rebates

When I refused to hang up until the rebate was processed, she finally said she could process the rebate, but that would reduce the rebate to 21, since she had to help.
Requires reward vouchers classroom eligible directv AT T data services.
I signed nars pro student discount up rbara ems to have mysteriously disappeared.An error message popped up saying "system error, call ".Now i am locked into a 2yr contract with no rebate when I was paying less money for cable.In the meantime, the internet went out due to the DVR installation.In a nutshell - no disclosure of costs.Stay WAY from direct.Dxdtpw18E _dn false false false false false false false false guest, follow these simple steps to redeem your reward card online.I called immediately and told them I wanted the dish removed and my roof repaired.Let's not sit here and just take this and blow smoke; let's force them to stop these deceptive "bait and switch" practices!The only logical solution is remove the dish, repair the roof, pay the gas repair men and let me forget Direct.The same directv that you watch at home, including your live and recorded shows, is with you anywhere on the directv App5.I am going to look for a class action attorney and submit this complaint.Obviously, this is a scam and they are counting on people to forget, or give.I'm refusing to pay the full amount.They are telling us we signed an agreement that commited us to using them for the next 2 years.Then they sasdi they did not bill me for 2 movies 38 days after they received them and now it will be another 8 weeks to get MY money whuch will them be well into 90 plus days!