did you go into labour after a membrane sweep

My waters broke on the Friday morning around 5am so we went to our maternity hospital.
5 cms dilated and jbl coupon code 2014 uk have my first epidural.
The following morning we phoned the hospital as contractions had started to be every 20 minutes or so since about 6am.Told labour should start within 6 coupon generator free download hours.Who knows whats going to happen next and when its going to happen!Hi all, i had my show on the Wednesday around 6pm.Hell of a labour but I love him!8pm still in day ward but not in full labour.I started on my tens machine at home.Went into hospital for a check up Tuesday night, doc confirmed definitely show, and that she might see me in a few hours, few days or a couple of weeks!I've just got up and been to the loo and I think I've just had my show.Need a blooming crystal ball if anyones got one to [email protected] well, I lost bloody plug on Sunday, spent Monday Tuesday getting gradually worse BH, then felt like they turned to contractions (every 5 mins, lasting around 40 seconds, starting in my back then round to tummy).A very annoying and uncomfortable thing!Contractions really started to kick in and on gas and air.Membership is just one click away.So did you know any signs of labour?Jasmine - posted on 11/22/2010 ( 10 moms have responded ), im 28 weeks pregnant with twins, and im worried about early labour.Time cheapflights promo code now being 10:30am when the hospital phone to see if everything was okay because they hadn't seen.At 10pm I got taken down to the ward to have the drip.I'm off to the MW this afternoon anyway so will have a chat with her but would really appreciate your experiences.My second bag of waters now gets broken.With every contraction he was just rocking backwards and forwards, not staying down like he was suppose to!
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I had continued to have contractions every 5 mins or less, 3 cms dilated and my waters still leaking.