did serge ibaka win the dunk contest

Theoretically, all McGee needed to do was pull off a dunk worthy of a 46 or better to win. .
McGee brought out a second basket standard attached to a forklift, placing right next to the game dev contest regular backboard.
Then JaVale McGee laid down. .Boston's Gerald Green leapt past Nate Robinson, Dwight Howard and Chicago's Tyrus Thomas in the first round, then held off Robinson in the finals to win the event in Las Vegas.He received 49 points from the judges. .Ibaka took the court amid several banners for NBA Africa and promptly threw down.That is when McGee took a dive. .I have to come up with something else, he said.I thought the dunk should have been in the upper 40s. .I am really torn on how to judge this dunk. .I figured I could probably clear it, and Baron came up with the choir.It scored a perfect 50 with the judges, which it deserved. .It did make you wish that the judges could have awarded more than 50 points to McGee's previous dunk. .The NBA wants Blake Griffin to be a star. .Fortunately, it worked out.I think Vince's dunk had the higher degree of difficulty, but if you can get high enough to put your freaking elbow down the rim, you deserve major props. .Maybe a boat next year.I think Dwight Howard could do it as well, but that's. .DeRozan earned one of only two perfect 50 scores when he lobbed a high pass to himself, caught it on a bounce, scooped the ball with his right hand, cupped it and whipped it through the hoop.DeMar DeRozan of the, toronto Raptors had the first dunk of the night. .So I jumped over it and I kind of looked at them and they were like, 'OK, you can.' ".Not all 50 point dunks are created equal. .My first dunk was from the free throw line and it was good, Ibaka said.
Cleveland Cavaliers fan there are very few players I like that don't wear the wine and gold. .