custom double roll raffle tickets

500 Raffle Tickets 50/50 Double Stub Split the Pot 8 Colors New 1/4 Roll Folded.75.
Ticket HAS THE same number ON each END OF ticket.
These are broken down in lots.These tickets are great for carnivals, bingo, little leagues, softball.Use these for your 50-50 drawing or any raffle that you are having.All tickets are consecutively numbered and are perforated for easy separation.Paper Purple Ribbon Roll Raffle Tickets 2000 tickets per roll made IN USA.85 Buy It Now Free Shipping free laundry detergent coupons Raffle for a cure!Each roll is consecutivly numbered and each roll has different numbers than the last.Coupon tickets are perforated down the middle to make a two part ticket with two sets of matching numbers on one end.Numbered Purple Awareness Ribbon Roll Tickets are ideal for admission, food and drinks, prizes and more.Standard bristol roll ticket specifications: Dimensions: 1x2in,.1857x2in, 2x2in, 2x4in.Double Raffle Ticket Roll 2000 Tickets Per Yellow 50/50 Drawing Numbered 2"X1".54 Buy It Now Free Shipping 1 watching 2 sold This 2,000 count ticket roll is consecutively numbered twice on each ticket.We also offer double 2x2 roll tickets, 2x4 raffle and 50/50 tickets.Our custom roll tickets come in two different styles: Bristol and Full Color.Bristol stock is available in 5 different sizes.Each ticket is consecutively numbered and has the ticket number printed.Raffle Tickets - (4 Rolls of 2000 Double Tickets) 8,000 Total 50/50 Raffle.86.Show your support for Cancer Awareness with these themed tickets at your nex.Additional Options: Backside printing, custom ticket sizes, custom start and stop numbers, barcodes, QR codes.Raffle Tickets - (4 Rolls of 2000 Double Tickets) 8000 Total 50/50 Raffle Tic.Additional Options: Backside printing * Green, Pink and Fuchsia are not available.Raffle Tickets 2000 per Roll 50/50: Green New.21 Buy It Now Free Shipping Green double raffle tickets are the classic raffle ticket.