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The figure also includes a display stand.
Trailer and Trailer Base (Optimus Prime) (2013) ID number : BS02 This Trailer is identical to the original BeCool Trailer other than the stickers, and now comes with the trailer/launcher accessory from Bot Shots redecoed in hungry howie coupon code october 2015 blue with red stripes.His left forearm could open into a double-barreled missile launcher.Omitted from Magnus's instructions is the ability of his chestplate and super robot head to combine to form a small vehicle; the Powered Convoy version of the figure included small rolling wheels on the underside of the chestplate which were removed for Ultra Magnus.Lovers of the caffeine-free, clear soda who'd like a chance to take home some bottles of the bubbly stuff must enter the brand's new giveaway sweepstakes that promotes its rewards app, Pepsi Pass.The mold suffers from a minor design oversight, wherein the rear Nissan badge collides with his left leg strut when the left foot is hinged over and pegged into a clear plastic socket during transformation, with the results being that the connection is slightly crooked.He was also offered in 'The Autobots Have A Special Mission For.' mail-away pamphlet and came with a special "Movie Edition Certificate" and a round sticker that read " Movie.Convoy Perfect Edition (2006, 2009) Japanese ID number: MP-4 Accessories: Trailer/Combat Deck, ion Blaster, Autobot small roll raffle tickets Matrix of Leadership, gun mode Megatron, Megatron's scope, stock and silencer, energon-axe, cardboard trailer For this re-release of Masterpiece Convoy, Takara submitted to the biggest desire fans had for the.Forming a roughly 11-inch figure when fully assembled, Diablock Convoy is highly articulated, save for his head, which is only able to move up and down.Double Pretender Optimus Prime (2017) Accessories : Pretender Shell, Pretender Shell Gun, Blaster Combiner Wars Double Pretender Optimus Prime is a redeco / retool of Generations Legends Class Swerve, with a new head and a Generation 2 -inspired deco for his pickup truck mode.Convoy Black Gold Version does not include any extra accessories unlike the Black Version release above.Meanwhile, the trailer is the lighter grey version from the 2008 Universe release.Unlike previous re-issues of the mold, iPod Optimus Prime's sports a paint application kohls online promo code november 2015 similar to KissPlayers Convoy, having its ABS/PVC parts painted over with a thin layer of his iconic red, white (silver if you will) and blue motif paint applications (with the exception.G1 Convoy DVD (2004) Japanese ID number: RM-10 Accessories: "Convoy Gun missile launcher, missile, energon-axe, 4 fists (2 left, 2 right) This special edition release of G1 Convoy is decked out in metallic paint, with an extra Autobot insignia tampographed onto his right shoulder, and.The screen is non-functional, but pre-printed cards are included which can be slid into the screen to show an Autobot logo, Decepticon logo, a mockup of a cellphone home screen, or a technical "Transformers infobar" design.The set also comes with Megatron with his launcher, Decepticon Brawl, Bumblebee, and a cardboard token representing the Matrix.Pepsi Co, original post: December 9, 2015 at 12:58.m.As has been TakaraTomy's wont of late, he now sports a metallic red paint job, with brighter pink paint applications and cooler grey parts, and features several additional paint details to those present on the Hasbro figure in the form of black chest windows and.Unfortunately, the enormous stickers are usually poorly applied, resulting in peeling, trapped air bubbles, and misaligned placement.The Japanese release of Powermaster Optimus Prime actually represented a new character named Ginrai, and featured several retools: the cab featured die-cast metal, shortened smokestacks, vacuum-metalized plastic and clear blue windows, while the trailer was given retractable super robot fists.Miscellaneous Primes I am the prototype of the toy of the future!TakaraTomy released another reissue based on the Encore version as part of their Chronicle line in 2011, lacking the original Generation 1 trailer.
Canada also got a version of this promotional figure, but with much larger stickers that were the full length and height of the trailer.
Hasbro Asia re-released this in 2014.