consumer protection sweepstakes scams

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Legitimate sweepstakes do not send wins by direct deposit, nor do they need to withdraw money from your bank or verify information using your credit card number.Youre told theyre from the government or another organization with a name that sounds official.To appear more legitimate, some sweepstakes scams pretend to come from government organizations such as the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) or the "National Sweepstakes Board" (which doesn't actually exist).The FTC doesnt oversee sweepstakes.To avoid a scam, you have to do some research.But these contests also tend to get more difficult and expensive as you advance, leaving contestants with nothing to show for their money and effort.Sweepstakes Scams Typically Use Free E-mail Accounts.Sweepstakes Scams Require Bank or Credit Card Info to Receive Your Prize.To fool people into thinking that a sweepstakes scam is legitimate, many con artists send counterfeit checks along with their phony win notifications.The scammers then tell the consumer that the National Consumer Protection Agency is issuing a final notice since Universal Publishers Sweepstakes hasnt been able to contact them.Its illegal to ask you to pay or buy something to enter or increase your odds of winning.Dont be fooled by liars, cheats and crookswise up with scam gram!If your win notification says you've won a lottery, you can be quite sure that it's really a sweepstakes scam.Unfortunately, many people think the cashier's check accompanying the letter is real.Heres one way to think about it: if you have to pay, its not a prize.Sweepstakes Scams Often Don't Use Your Name.In fact, any pressure to act now before you miss out on a prize is a sign of a scam.Theres also no reason to give someone your checking account number or credit card number in response to a sweepstakes promotion.Sweepstakes Scams Tell You You've Won - But You Don't Recognize the Contest.