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It seems to me the 98-99 models have had more problems not fewer in part because the panels are thicker with ridges.
4) The infinity stereo got a mind of its own, changing stations on its own and finally degrading to t he point where the station can not be changed.
I thought, "ok, no problem, I contest to win money in india 2014 have the sun roof to open for gift vouchers for easyjet flights ventilation".
Cokomo writes are you able to add ground effects to the '97 sebring coupe?Why go to a store and spent 1300 for rims and another 400 on tires.Thanks for the web site.LXiSebring: I would visit a good car stereo shop and see what they suggest.Bobby writes Hello, i'm a frequent visitor on your page thank you for.As I had dealt for my previous contest report 2011 5 cars in person, I faced a new experience.It has lots of style.Consider changing at 60k.My parents went and bought her a 1997 Chrysler Sebring LXI.Thank you, Eric says.If you have any questions ill send you a pic I'm getting my car on coilovers today and rims today, my name is thomas from va,i like the web site, Jason Mills writes Here is my 1996 Chrysler Sebring LXi, in the Light Autumnwwood color.
How many inches is 'safe' to lower the car without having to replace/ repaint the ground effects.
I am also looking for after-market "white" or clear lights for my fog lights.