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Does this apply to all units?
How many people fill a bath tub with hot water and just hop right in without testing the temperature?
The one I read clearly states that windows must be pretty little thing promo code september 2017 cracked open and units have a maximum operating time.
I was assured from several different store owners that vent free is completely safe, and that they burn so efficient (99.9) that there is no concern over carbon monoxide (CO) levels, smell, or O2 depletion.You can see where I've cleaned: it doesn't take a lot of thought to realize what the inside of my lungs must look like.Hi Rache, Thanks for the inquiry!Thank you for your time.We loved the money we saved in fuel bills with our ventless fireplace but my husband especially had developed flu symptoms during the winter while we used the fireplace.I have sensors in my house and NOT t once have they gone off.Take a couple deep breaths of fresh air.Wouldn't it be nice to be able to have a cheery fire when Granny visits, or your friends with infant children?Question: are there any problems with the direct vent fireplaces?My advice to anyone is never, never get a vent-free fireplace.What makes glowing embers glow is contact with the flames, so the embers must be placed in close proximity to the burner openings.They told us this also applies to the fumes that come off new carpet, room deodorizers, hair spray, household dust, pet hair, spray cleaners, candles, etc.I would rather lose the sale now than have suffering, unhappy customers forever.It sounds like he or she didn't inform you about all the things that can cause sooting with vent-frees prior to the sale, to enable you to make an informed decision about installing a vent-free in the first place.Here are some pictures, I thought you might like to see.I would be glad to talk to you about.