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Account Sales: According to Chase Paymentech, your sales person is a "dedicated" in-house employee versed in products, prices, and sales.
Chase Paymentech provides information for anyone - not just their clients - on how to avoid chargebacks and run a business safely.In sum, Chase Paymentech doesn't offer disney on ice promo code 2 for 1 a ton of equipment, what they do offer is "free" (but comes with strings attached as described above).Software Chase Mobile Checkout: This app appears to be the only software provided, which accompanies the card reader and merchant account for mobile devices.Affiliate / Conflicts / Advertising Disclosure for a more detailed disclosure.Turning from fees the deal online free to chargebacks, we like four things about chargeback management at Chase Paymentech: First, they offer an online Chargeback Management section on their site; Merchants can sign up for free alerts so problems like chargebacks can be handled quickly without accruing charges above.For example, we couldn't fine fees for PCI compliance or inaction which most credit card processors now charge merchants for.Chase claims "Low Rates" in their advertising, but their rates are more at the "average" level.Thus, they want you to contact them before you purchase (or get free) equipment so they can help you choose.It seems that Chase Paymentech is not adverse to chargebacks, but - like any other credit card processor - they frown on excessive chargebacks.At the same time, while part of me would like to believe they're actually going to help me get a good deal for me and my business, part of me thinks that they're just going to snooker.Wireless Orders, yes, mobile Orders, yes.Adding them back up, the monthly fees currently total to 119.40 per year.Beyond the various rates, note that Chase Paymentech wants monthly payments instead of annual fees, and they charge a setup fee for some products.Their contract's fine print seems to say that if you accept a free card reader or terminal, you are then tied into a long term contract with them.
Then, we investigated those complaints that seemed legit, and provide our verdict on how well the processor handled the issues.