best slam dunk contest all time

When Rider went baseline and belkin promo code 2015 threw down a between-the-legs dunk in 1992, he coined his slam the "Eastbay Funk Dunk a dunk that's been passed down and is still copied today.
Sometimes, a well-executed dunk is all you need to create a classic.Thats why hes the best this contest has ever seen.This dunk was super funky and a great way to improve on a classic.Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls dunks the ball during the game against the Miami Heat Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images.Andre Iguodalas behind-the-basket reverse, this dunk should have won Iguodala the 2006 Slam Dunk Contest.In 2001, Baron Davis of the Charlotte Hornets bluebridge ferry promo code 2016 tried to pull a variation of Ceballos' original dunk by covering his eyes with his headband; he missed the attempt terribly.He finished on a two-handed slam from just inside the free throw line with his final dunk, but the one that won it was his simply incredible leap that finished with his forearm inside the basket.But, you know you started the shoe wars." When Brown asked what that meant, Jordan replied: "You started shoe wars.(As an aside: one of the best parts of re-watching old dunk contest footage is seeing the former players and celebrities courtside.The 2003 dunk contest duel between Richardson and Desmond Mason is a forgotten classic.Because they had never seen anything quite like it before.The best moment came on Richardson's final dunk, when he went baseline, between the legs and behind his head for a dunk that no one had ever seen before.However, it was Iguodala who put in the more phenomenal display that night."That's been my dream all my life to compete in an NBA Dunk Contest, and I'm at a loss for words Gordon said, per m's.Jason Richardson's final dunk in the 2003 Dunk Contest.Yesterday was Aaron Gordon's birthday.But his performance was an early glimpse at a player destined to put on a show on the biggest stage.Theres really no other way to characterize this slam.But he hangs in the air so long, its like hes flying.He did things nobody had ever seen before as he jumped over Stuff the Dragon (Orlando's mascot) before threading the ball underneath his legs and hammering it home.
This dunk won Richardson the 2003 contest, and its unbelievable.
Andre Iguodala got robbed in the 2006 NBA Slam Dunk Contest (the title ended up going to the tiny and electric Nate Robinson).