40 weeks pregnant 3 cm dilated membrane sweep

Membrane stripping is a procedure that can be done during a routine prenatal examine.
Choosing a Prenatal Care Provider How to decide between a doctor or midwife, how to know if your provider is a good fit, what to do if they're not, and tower hobbies coupon code more Newly Pregnant Discover what's in store for you during pregnancy, from symptoms you'll.
My contractions were not regular.
Anonymous, answered 1/18/08 43 found this helpful.Answered 9/19/08 8 found this helpful, when I was at the end of my 37 weeks I was miserable and my doctor suggested we stripped my membranes.I know that membrane stripping only works 25 percent of the time, topless trampoline contest and the chances of it working are even lower if you aren't yet past your due date.Courtesy of Mary Sauer, i laid there on the table and I laughed, so relieved was I when my doctor told me I was nearly 3 centimeters dilated.A membrane sweep doesn't work every time, but it's associated with decreased likelihood of carrying past 41 weeks when performed on women who have reached their due date, according to Cochrane.I do have some menstrual like cramping.It is now Thursday and still no baby.Just because your caregiver thinks you might have a big baby is NOT a medical reason to rush the natural process.I nearly cried when my doctor told me I was only dilated to 1 centimeter.And it was worth it, too.I was 6 days overdue with my daughter and dilated.I was really hoping this would speed up the labor process.My ob sent me to the hospital where they stripped me and I walked for an hour.You might also like, prenatal Tests, glucose screening, learning your baby's sex, screening for Down syndrome, and more tests you should know about 7 signs of a good doctor.
I am due on 22nd by midwifes (and both scans) estimation, and the obstetrician out me at 28th(?) for some reason.
You also have the right to say no to this procedure.