3 examples of viral marketing

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Kaplan Andreas., Haenlein Michael (2011) Two hearts in three-quarter time: How to waltz the Social Media/viral marketing dance, Business Horizons, 54(3 253-263.
Advertising Research is Changing.Companies would be left behind if they neglected the trend of tootle chimney sweeps new bedford ma influencers in viral marketing, as over 60 of global brands have used influencers in marketing in 2016.52 Influencers serve as a credible source for customers' decision-making process.30 Therefore, it seems that influencers are on behalf of a company to build up a relationship between the brand and their customers.Probably one of the most deserving of a place in this list has to be the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, every celebrity worth talking about got involved as did the public all around the world.Although the concept catches peoples attention, it hardly serves the purpose of increasing the sales of Burger King.Air New Zealand an Expected Briefing October 2012.By following this trend, Ice Bucket Challenge became a 'fab' on social media with many online celebrities such as Tyler Oakley, Zoe Sugg and huge celebrities and entrepreneurs like Justin Bieber, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates participating.This has been a hit among children and parents who loves introducing new things to their child.However, the Internet and social media technologies themselves do not make a brand viral; they just enable people to share content to other people faster.WePay, this is an example of guerilla marketing where a company pulls a stunt that garners a great deal of attention because it either directly or indirectly applies to a belief about the competition.In 2004, the concept of the alpha user was coined to indicate that it had now become possible to identify the focal members of any viral campaign, the "hubs" who were most influential.Of course we also got involved so if youd like to relive that gem of a video you can do so here!Coke was slower to get involved.In the show, Tom Dickson, Blendtec founder and CEO, attempts to blend various unusual items in order to show off the power of his blender.
Yet Blendtec managed to creatively find a way as they launched a video series called, Will It Blend?
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