10 meter rtty contest

Celkem dobe jsme poobchodovali a nechali mu njakou tu korunku na erstvé rohlíky.
The waedc rtty Contest can be configured for European stations and non-European stations.
Dom jsme dojeli v 17 hodin.Window: Select Log Type, log Type: anartsrtty, sent Exchange: Zone Example:.Now when the station sends the repeat of the QTC you requested and you click on it and it will then be placed into that blank line that was just cleared.Waits for you to fix.Povídali jsme o provozu na 4 metrech a budoucnosti tohoto experimentálního pásma.In N1MM Logger, the user interface for QTCs in rtty is very similar to that in CW/SSB.Window: Select Log type Log Type: rucuprtty Mode Category: rtty Sent Exchange: 001 This contest is for Russians only.A lot of people seem to send zone, state.Once the state has been entered either by pre-fill or by the user based on the received exchange, the zone will be recalculated if the default zone based on the number in the callsign was wrong.Dále jsme navívili how to get free amazon gift cards code stánek u aa OM3TY, kter nabízel dobr sortiment vcí, které byly pro mn zajímavé.The actual sent exchange includes a signal report, serial number and the UTC time.The macro operator can be used to automatically switch WAV files (in SSB for more info see the Macro section.There is a series of buttons labeled "S" (for "Skip to the right of the "Agn" buttons.Because rtty is in a separate contest module, they won't be counted correctly when a station makes SSB and CW QSOs as well as rtty QSOs with a country.Time2 - how it works, the time will be set.The Bandmap and Entry windows contain visual cues about the QTC status of stations spotted in the Bandmap or entered into the Entry window.